Portrait Shoot With Heather

I first message Heather as I was looking for someone to do a couple of portraits with and 
Heather has a great look and good style of fashion.
We were both nervous as we had never met before. It was a cold winters night and I decided it would be a good idea to get a couple of shots around town as there is some little gems of photography spots. If you don't know Taunton there is not much in the way of photography locations, but you just have to use all your photography skills. 
On the night Heather was natural in front of the camera and was happy doing anything i needed her to do e.g. sitting on the cold floor. She was really great to work with,  that why we have to go out again. 
i was really inspired by..in my eyes one of the worlds best portrait photographers @brandon woeful. He is from New York and if you are in to photography then you need to check this amazing guy out.
After doing more research I found a couple good locations on the hills, Heather and I had great fun using lights and vape in some of the shoots.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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